We are currently in the centenary of World War 1 AKA the Great War, which ran from 1914 to 1918. As members of the Australia Imperial Force, the writer's Grandfather and Great Uncles fought in WW1 at the Gallipoli and Western Front offensives. The writer's Great Uncle Howard Douglas McKenzie lost his life at Pozières. Tracing the train of letters that followed his death between the writer's Great Grandparents and the A.I.F., provided a very personal lens through which to view Australia’s involvement in a war.

The writer's Grandfather, Major J.B.F. McKenzie served as a Doctor during the war at No. 1 Australian Stationary Hospital in Zeitoun, Gallipoli, Lemnos and Ismailia before joining the 8th Australian Field Ambulance France. Wounded at Passchendaele, then promoted to Senior Medical Officer he returned to Australia in November 1918 having served almost 4 years in the Great War.

Click arrow below for photos taken during the war by Major McKenzie with his own camera. Identifying the photos from the one with the gentlemen to the left and soldier with slouch hat on the right, Major McKenzie is the gentlemen on left with the moustache. Moving through the photos to the right, next is a shot of Australian Soldiers taken from the Suez Canal, next the Battleship Indiana taking patients at Ismalia, then army tents, the next photo is Major Lowry Quartermaster No 1 ASH, then French Mortars Tel El Kebir then a page from Major McKenzie’s war diary written while he served at Gallipoli.